Brittany Campbell
art director + designer


KNOED Creative

This week's artistic fling isn't as much an art project as it is a small wake up call to my design process and way of thinking.

This weekend I had the pleasure of sitting in on a lecture given by Knoed Creative at the Lincoln Park Apple Store. Knoed is a graphic design studio ran by husband and wife team Kim and Kyle. I've heard them before at Creative Mornings in Chicago a few months ago. It's really interesting to me the new things you pick up on while listening to the same people talk about the same thing at different parts of your life. I wanted to share a few insights that I gathered from this wonderful evening.

1. Creative Process

I know what the creative process is but sometimes I don't think I follow it as well as I should. Listening to Knoed and how their strictly follow their steps 1, 2 and 3, I can see how I could save a lot of time and effort is I diligently follow my creative process. Since I am still an emerging designer I think I still have time to develop my creative process until I solidify a process that works for me. I also thought about adopt other well seasoned designers' processes while I'm trying to find my own. After all, they have been doing this for a while, they should know what they are talking about.

2. Side Projects

Knoed talked about having side projects. This doesn't have to necessarily have to be something graphic design related. Kim has a side project of making jewelry while Kyle makes t-shirts that show off favorite "L" stops in Chicago. I guess this blog is my idea of a side project. It's getting me to write more and explore new mediums of art (even though I think I could do better on the latter part of that sentence.)

3. Being Involved

I think they briefly touched upon it or maybe I just felt good sitting around a table full of other graphic designers, but being involved and networking within the design community can not only inspire you to create new and exciting things, it can help you meet great people.

4. Be Brave

They discussed the scariness of leaving their old jobs and starting their own thing. It can be scary to head off into the unknown but when you get those quick moments of power and confidence it is best to follow them when they come.

5. Design as a career

I think I know a little about the design world but as an emergine designer I can really only judge based on opinions and experiences of others I know and from the few experiences I have already had. Kim talked a lot about the unstable nature of her jobs. She was always seen as a replaceable person. She had been laid off a few times due to budget cuts. While jumping ship to start your own thing sounds  a little scary, Kim saw it as a way to have more control over her employment.

6. Work to live not Live to work.

I don't care if your a designer, lawyer, accountant, or flipping burgers at Micky-Ds, this statement should apply to everyone. I've never heard it before but I completely agree with it. People are not put on this Earth to work. There are memories that need to be made, people that need to be loved and experiences that need to be experienced. Unfortunately money is something that is required to live and make sure these things can happen. Work should be a way to pay for the things you need to survive. It shouldn't be the only thing you live for. There are far more important things than money and job titles. I think it has taken me a long time to fully understand this.

This is a majority of what I took from the lecture. I know there is more so if I think of anything I will add to it later. Check out Knoed's website at or follow them on twitter @knoedcreative.