Brittany Campbell
art director + designer


Working With a Client

This week's artistic fling has actually taken a few weeks. I got the pleasure of working with Anna and Ryan, a lovely engaged couple. Anna and Ryan are huge Cubs fans and wanted their wedding invites to subtly reflect their Cubs pride. Their wedding colors were red and black and they wanted to have an invite that subtly mimicked a sports ticket.

The best thing about this project was getting to work with a client. I've worked with quiet a few clients through work but this was a personal client. I had to write up proposals, contracts and invoices. I had to give estimates, call printers, order paper, order envelopes and make all the design decisions.  It was great to see the many revisions we went through. I was abe to take my decisions and also take opinions and concerns from the client and put them together harmoniously.

The best part about working with Anna and Ryan is that they were so involved and gave constructive criticism. They let me share with them my ideas and why I made the choices I did. If they wanted something changed or didn't like something they weren't afraid to say it. They were also very respectful of my expertise. They trusted me and would ask me if I thought a decision or edit was acceptable. When they suggested something I didn't agree with it was an opportunity for me to defend the reason I didn't make that design choice.

Now, listen up boys! Ryan sat in on every meeting and helped make choices. He brought up great questions and even gave some great input. I assure you that your fiance will love you more if you are involved with the wedding planning, especially the invitations. He was seriously excited and actively involved in every discussion. Planning a wedding is seriously stressful and helping your bride-to-be will make it less stressful for her and she will constantly be reminded of why she is going to say "I do."

Now for the actual invites. Like I said, Anna and Ryan wanted something that looked like a ticket, but not too kitschy or over bearing. They wanted it to be classy. So we came up with a fairly simple and straight forward design. We printed on 80lb cover white linen paper by Neenah Paper.

 The couple also wanted a cost effective way to have RSVP returnable pieces. Instead of making an invitation, a reception card, and an RSVP form, we decided to only make 2 separate pieces and attach the RSVP form to the reception card. Just like a ticket, the RSVP and the reception card would be separated by a perforated line. Guests could detach this piece and send it back with their response. This way we wouldn't have to have 3 separate pieces saving time, paper and money.

These two pieces would be placed inside an envelope and a smaller envelope would be enclosed for guests to send their RSVP reply. The total cost of production of 110 invites , including printing, paper and envelopes came to a total of $111. A lot cheaper than we anticipated. And of course I attached my design fee.

Working with this couple was so much fun and I can't wait to work with my next client.