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New Website!

Today's artistic fling is a new website!!! I spent this weekend taking photos, organizing files and playing with bootstrap. I was introduced to bootstrap about 7 months ago. I was working on a website design and the developer suggested using bootstrap to prototype. After lots of tries and reading and rereading the website, I couldn't figure it out.

When I was at Prototype Camp in August I listened to John Haddon from nice ux talk about using bootstrap to prototype. He gave us a short tutorial and also a link to the nice ux website that would help with using bootstrap.

This week I've been thinking about my online presence. I'm so embarrassed to give people my website because it's not well designed, user friendly, or up to date. So this weekend I buckled down and got to work. I started with sketches and came up with a basic wireframe. I started working with bootstrap and seeing what limitations I had.

One of the things I learned at Prototype Camp was "hunkering." Jared Spool, the founder of Interface Engineering, started the day by talking about prototyping. He related web prototyping to other kinds of prototyping. He shared a story about studying the way carpenters work. They would sketch out the idea of a kitchen cabinet. Then they would lay all their materials out on the floor. They'd take a look from a few feet away then come back and arrange the materials. Then they'd start building. After a few minutes of construction they'd take a step back and analyze what they had been working on. Then they'd make adjustments accordingly. This is called hunkering. Every designer has an idea in their mind. They know exactly what it looks like but sometimes that idea isn't possible in the real world. Hunkering is the act of compromising both your ideal solution and reality.

Hunkering. That's what I spent most of the weekend doing. I had to reorganize files, resize photos, and play with code. The website came out a little different that what I ideally wanted but it works good, if not better, than what I had originally wanted.



Please check out the site and give me any feedback. I'll be adding more work in the next few weeks because I've been working on some new projects so keep checking back!

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