Brittany Campbell
art director + designer


Ad of The Week: FAB

This week's ad comes from If you're not familiar, get familiar. Use this link to sign up for access to this AWESOME store!
Fab takes products from existing stores and promotes them on their website by selling these products at a reduced price. All the products they sell are heavily designed with design in mind. This makes the products unique and more functional. The reason this ad is so good is because it's showing off a variety of the products they sell and showing you how you can change your lifestyle by using this site.
There are quite a few benefits that this wonderful ad sell:
1- Diversity: There are so many products on this site that don't neccesarily go together or even come from the same line or designer. But some how most of the products work well together to create creative, well designed spaces. A lot of the products fit within the relm of hipster, techy, indy... so the majority of the prodcuts compliment each other aesthetically.
2- Accesibiliy: Fab is an online store so you shop at home. This guy didn't even have to change his pants and he redecorated his whole hipster loft. He even got a new wardrobe.
3- Speed: Now the speed in which he received his new swag are is a little exaggerated but Fab is trying to have faster delivery and have just announced free shipping for orders over $75.
Not only does this ad have a strong concept but it's also entertaining and fun. Kudos Fab.