Brittany Campbell
art director + designer


DIY Christmas 2014. Part 1.

Last year, I attempted a DIY Christmas and it proved to be a huge success!! So this year, I tried it again! It was a bit harder than last year but was just as successful!

For Mom + Dad (and my married siblings):

Earlier this year, I did some design work for one of my photographer friends Kristi. (Check out her amazing work at Instead of charging her for my work, we did a trade! I designed her logo, business cards, and website in exchange for a family photo shoot. She did my whole family and my married siblings' small families.

Then I printed the family photos, framed them, and gave them to my siblings.

My Teenage Sisters:

I have to admit, the teenagers were the hard ones this year. I was inspired to make their gift one Saturday a few weeks before Christmas while cleaning out my closet. I had these awesome t-shirts that didn't fit me anymore but I couldn't build up the courage to just throw them away. So I was thinking about ways that I could recycle these pillows and give them to my sisters... That's when I thought about pillows!

I just cut out a square section form the t-shirt, turned it inside out, sewed around the edges, stuffed with cotton stuffing, and sewed up the stuffing hole. It only took about 10 minutes per pillow!

Here are a few more pics of pillows I made for kids I babysit and my boyfriend! The best part about these pillows are how soft they are.

My Whovian 6 year old sister:

My 6 year old sis is OBSESSED with Doctor Who! So this year I decided to create her a screen printed TARDIS poster.

A few years ago I created a London is Calling screenprint. I wanted to reuse one of the layers form this screenprint to create the TARDIS. Unfortunately, once I printed the TARDIS layer, it didn't line up with the London is Calling layer... so instead of just scrapping the project, I hand painted the missing layer. Then I framed it!

The Tweens I Babysit:

I've been babysitting Sarah and Natalie for over 6 years!! Last year I gave them home made aprons and they LOVED THEM! So this year I had to do something better. I knew that these girls had a few family vacations planned this year so I tried to think of something they could use on vacation.

After lots of thinking, I decided it would just be best to give them travel bags of just fun things. I should have made the travel bags but I found these ones and thought that they were just too perfect!!

I filled their bags with fuzzy socks, hair chalk, nail polish, candy, and home made hair elastics!

I have a few more gifts that I made so I will be posting more soon!! Enjoy!!