Brittany Campbell

Clean the World

United Airlines: Clean the World Video

The Video

To announce the success of United Airlines' partnership with Clean the World, a video was created to show social and environmental impact. 

Art Directors:
Brittany Campbell + Paul Slaven

Alyssa Welch

Darren Redel




Armed with a pile of metrics and success stories, my fellow art director and I sat down to brainstorm which stats were the most important and how we could tie them all together. 

We started by bringing our laptops and notebooks to a burger joint for lunch. As we scarfed down our veggie burgers, we circled stats and created copy that could tie each piece together. Based on our copy, we started sketching out visuals and their transitions to come up with our final storyboard.




We handed our sketches off to our all-star illustrator and she turned our sketched out storyboard into a reality. She then passed her native illustrator files to our offsite animator who quickly created an animation worthy of it's youtube url.