Brittany Campbell
art director + designer

Groupon Merchant Tablet

Groupon Merchant Tablet Unboxing


The packaging

David Gomez-Rosado

Jamie Blass

Brittany Campbell

Groupon Merchant Tablet is the one Point of Sale tool that merchants need to keep track of sales, inventory, Groupon campaigns, social media and more. 

Our team created a hyper-local, eco-friendly, unboxing experience for our merchants— including a step-by-step user guide. 



Our team visited many local business in order to get a feel for the Groupon Merchant Tablet end user. We noticed that there was a need for an all-in-one tablet. Business owners have so many other priorities that make it hard for them to manage social media, marketing campaigns, and customer retention. We also discovered that the unboxing experience needs to be as simple as possible. The Groupon Merchant Tablet needs to be ready to use upon unboxing. The tablet was preassembled and pre-downloaded with all necessary apps. We needed to design an unboxing that would require little to no time for the merchant to set up. We needed a hassle-free unboxing.



Our team collected many different kinds of tech packaging. Most tech packaging is designed for retail. The Groupon Merchant Tablet is not a retail product and is instead shipped directly to merchants. In order to save money on packaging and shipping costs, we needed a solution that could be used as a shipping box. 



Our number one concept was to greet the merchant with the tablet. We wanted the tablet to be the first thing merchants would see upon unboxing. This would welcome excitement. It would also put the merchant at ease by showing them that there was no assembly required. We also wanted to include a user guide that could easily answer questions but this was secondary to the tablet. We didn't want merchants to be welcomed by a daunting user guide. 

We provided drawings and blueprints to a packaging company and their engineers. We collaborated with their team to create the ideal unboxing experience.