Brittany Campbell
art director + designer

Tiny Travels



The Book

Brittany Campbell

I created Tiny Travels as a way to help kids explore the cities they live in and visit. After using Paris and London as prototype cities, I created Chicago Tiny Travels and sold in online and at local craft markets.

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While waiting in line for The Louvre in Paris, I noticed an American family of four struggling to keep their bored children occupied. When I returned home I felt so inspired by my traveling adventures that I wanted to put my love of culture and history into a project. I thought back to the family at The Louvre and other families I had seen while traveling. Children need something to keep them occupied while traveling but I also thought this could be an opportunity to engage children with their surroundings. 

I started developing concepts and designs for a Paris and London book. I sent my London book with a six year old on his family vacation to England. I got great feedback and decided to take a step back, take my new ideas and apply them to a book for my home city, Chicago. 



Inspired by my illustrations for my Paris book, I built a mood board of other pieces that embodied everything I envisioned for the Chicago book. I wanted bright colors, bold typefaces, and a slightly quirky illustration style. I wanted the layout to be engaging as well as fun for the young readers.  



This project was a little different than most projects I work on. I was the person generating the content and the design. I started by brainstorming what kind of content would be best for my demographic (children, ages 6-12.) I then moved into the sketching phase. I use sketching more like wireframes. It helps me organize information and allows me to try a lot of different strategies in a quick amount of time.