Brittany Campbell
art director + designer


blk. The Dark Side of Water

So today at my internship my mentor Jason was drinking this black drink. I asked what it was and he simply answered "water." Excuse me? That sir, is not water. It's black. I do not know what you're drinking but I can guarantee it is not water. I asked where he got it from. He replied "Amazon." We live in America. We do not need to purchase water from the internet. Since we do live in America we can buy dirty water off the internet and we drink it.

All joking aside, blk. water is actually really interesting. I got to have a taste of it. If you can get past the fact that you are drinking black water it actually tastes like water. The only difference is a slight after taste that tastes like minerals. The bottles says it is "enriched with Fulvic Acid." Fulvic Acid is an acid that has a high pH level of 9.0+. According to Fulvic acid "Enables the body to detox radiation and radioactive fallout naturally, without any negative side effects!" I just drank some black water so let's hope these facts are true. If you want to learn anymore visit