Brittany Campbell
art director + designer


Go Make Babies

Yesterday morning, while getting ready, I was listening to my Kate Nash Pandora Station. An add came on saying “HEY, CHICAGO! This is WBEZ..” The ad continued to tell me that I was interesting and that I should go out and meet someone else who’s interesting and do it. The ad really said do it. I thought it was a poorly written radio spot but it wasn’t. The spot closed with “Go make babies.” I was a little taken back. WBEZ is a public radio station. It’s the home to This American Life. There is no way they would be running such a saucy ad.

This campaign has presence on radio, tv, billboards, trains, and the internet. It’s a call asking for Interesting Chicagoans to “GO make babies!” The campaign explains that WBEZ Chicago Radio wants to have future listeners so it’s trying to urge interesting people to hook up with other interesting people and make interesting babies who will listen to WBEZ’s interesting line up of shows. 

I went to the website and it’s actually a Facebook App (which I normally hate) where you can take a quiz that claims to find your perfect “mating match.” For each question you answer, the site provides a list of radio shows that would interest you, based on your answer. At the end it shows you facebook profiles of interesting people to hook up with.  

I love that a public news radio station has taken the move to do such a risky campaign. I think it really attracts the young adult audience, too.