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Happy #@^%!#* Valentines Day...

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So I hate Valentines Day, like every other single schmuck out there. So this year I'm striking back. I'm telling the world why I hate Valentine's Day. After 23 perpetual years of singleness, I decided to online date. I tried the big guys: and I even tried some new startups like and

After months of playing on these sites and not getting even as little as one message, a wink, or whatever, I decided to try the free sites. You know what I'm talking about. I went on one date and felt defeated. So in an act of desperation, and trying to get over someone who was no longer in my life, I got Tinder. You know what I'm talking about. The hot or not app.

If you're not familiar I'll give you a quick break down. You connect the app with your facebook account. It pulls some photos, your likes, and your friends. Then you are shown guys. Just their face and any friends or likes that you have in common on facebook. You swipe right if you like them and left if you don't. If you swipe right and they also swiped right on you then you are sent a message saying "It's a Match!" If you swipe right and they didn't, they will never know that you like them. If you swipe left, you never see them again and they never know you didn't swipe left.

Soo... since dating the old fashion way did't work and none of the other more "reputable" sites worked, I dove head first into the world of Tinder. I started an account on October 5, 2013. It's now Valentine's Day 2014. I've recreated a true account of my Tinder dating journey over the past 5 months. Every date or conversation referenced really happened. You can't make this stuff up folks. So go have fun. Play around and maybe you'll start to feel some of the pain I've managed to power through. And remember, if you ever need a good Tinder story, please reach out because I've got plenty.

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