Brittany Campbell
art director + designer


Branding Myself

Just like any good company, a designer needs to develop a brand. I have been working on a personal identity for a few months now. I keep changing my mind and can't settle on a particular direction. I've heard this is normal but I just want to pick something and stick with it. One of the things I've discovered while working on this project is that I am an emerging designer so while I have great taste, I don't particularly have the skills to make things that I like. I'm still learning and it takes practice. So while I learn more about design I learn about the flaws in my current branding or discover new avenues and styles that I want to adopt.

Well graduation is approaching next week. NEXT WEEK! So I thought no better time to create an identity that will last me for at least a few months.
So like any design project I started with the problem.

Problem- I need a job.

Solution- Well, I know I need a quick piece that can be given out spontaneously, most people use a business card. I am a firm believer in researching the problem then solving it with a solution that makes the most sense, not necessarily the norm. I have a great example for this coming up. I also need a resume. I would need a piece that can be handed out at job fairs since I already have a few job fairs on the calendar. I also need a Thank You card to send to people I interview with.

Soo... I started with the business card. Name. Email. Website. Number. Art Director. Designer. OK. I like yellow and I think that's the color that best describes me at this point of my life. I wanted something a little trendy but clean. Ok- Stripes. I like the vintage-y, DIY movement so I traced the shape of a hang tag I had and extended the lines and made the decorative element on the back of my card.

Next, Resume. OK! I'm a designer/ art director. I wanted a fun look with color but not too designed. It needed to show my way of organizing lots of data. I actually got inspiration from looking at a lunch menu. I like food so I figured this wouldn't be a bad choice. Hierarchy, Hierarchy, Hierarchy. Organize that info so the recruiter reading 75 of these a day can see me as a person who wants to make their life easier.

JOB FAIR leave behind. Like advertising, KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! These people sitting at the table have been here for hours! They really just need a care package. Throw in some chocolate, chap-stick, and just so I can get them to look at more of my work I threw in a mini portfolio. I was originally going to throw in a business card but if I brand everything (Chocolate, chap-stick, and portfolio) I don't need it. Make those things useful. Chapstick? Yeah they'll hold onto that one for a while. It's yellow, they can't loose it. Imagine, they'll come back to the office and show off the care package I left them. Just another chance for more people to see my work and my name. And my website and email is on every one of those pieces.

Once I get in the door and have an interview I'm not done. I've got to show appreciation. I think the world lacks that. I don't want to ever be known as someone who doesn't show appreciation. Snail mail speaks volumes more than an email and there isn't a delete button. This gives me another opportunity to show off some work. I have a thank you note, hand written (make it personal), a business card, and another mini portfolio- BRANDED.

OK so what's next?  The website. It's got to fit the brand. I don't think it would be so bad to be known as the yellow girl. Yellow is the color of friendship. I'll be anyone's friend as long as they give me a job. So I coded my website by myself. It's not the best in the world but it's given employers a taste of my html/css skills. Whether this is good or bad, I can still change up my website while I'm still learning. Besides, it shows that I'm not afraid to learn. I have html/css on my resume and when asked how proficient I am at those skills I can say "I did my website" and they know my level, assuming they've seen my site. By no means am I a coder but I know the language.

Like any design work there is always room for refinement. I have plans to change this over the summer but maybe I should wait until my 1500 business cards run out. That's another thing- make sure if your printer messes up you get free reprints!