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Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro

The pile of books near my bed.

This new section of the blog has been added as a desperate attempt to finish the stack of books sitting next to my bed. While all of these, I'm sure, are great books, I haven't had time to read them. I've been far too busy with homework and other distractions like the new season of Mad Men.

This week I started a book called Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro. I'm only half way though this short 150 page book. Since it is a smaller book I decided to start with it because of it's lack of intimidation. Mike, the author, is also quiet humorous. Here is a passage from the introduction.

Design is a Job PDF version by Mike Monteiro
  " ...I am tired of seeing you get your ass kicked because
no one taught you better. I am tired of you not getting paid.
I am tired of you working nights and weekends. I am tired of
 you doing spec work because someone has convinced you it
will look good in your portfolio. I am tired of you sitting by
and hoping the work sells itself.

So I wrote you a book. It has a spine and by the time you’re
done reading so will you."

So far, I enjoy the book and have learned a few brief lessons in client selection and self confidence. Skimming through the table of contents I can already tell the rest of the book will not disappoint. A few chapters include: 
  • Getting Clients
  • Choosing the Right Clients
  • Charging for Your Work
  • Contracts
  • Getting Your Money
  • and other important topics...
You should just go out and buy the book because there can't be another way of learning these important lessons with this same enjoyable humor. 

In addition, the author Mike Monteiro also spoke at a Creative Mornings in San Francisco in 2011. His title? "F*%# you, Pay me." Whether you have the time or not, I recommend spending 38 minutes to watch it. You will admire this man by the time it is over. Come on! It's not even as long as a Mad Men episode.

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