Brittany Campbell
art director + designer


DisneyLand Paris Metro Ad

This week's ad of the week comes from Paris, France. On the Metro in Paris all the ads are put up with paste. It's not unusual to be walking down the platform and see a ripped off advertisement. Usually the newer ad is ripped off at the bottom with the top of the ad still showing. The bottom portion of the ad is revealing an older ad that was pasted on the billboard weeks ago.

This ad is for Disneyland Paris. It's advertising the 2 days on 1 ticket promotion the amusement park is offering. To show this, the ad looks like it has been ripped down the middle suggesting two different days. The thing I like the most about this ad is that one side is day and the other is night. As a frequent Disney Park guest, this visual suggests I spend the first day enjoying the daylight hours of the park and then I can go home and rest. The next day I can arrive at the park later and enjoy the fireworks tired free.  Or if you're crazy, like I am, you can enjoy two full tired days for the price of one.

This visual also gives the idea of second chances. Any broken ride, character autograph, or experience that was missed can be made up on the second day. For free.