Brittany Campbell
art director + designer


Recycled T-Shirt Pillows

It's been a while sine my last post, but I've been busy with a few projects that I will be updating the blog with this week.

The first project I wanted to share was my new Etsy!

In my last post, I showed off some of the t-shirt pillows I made as Christmas gifts. I got such a response from these pillows that I decided to make more and sell them on my Etsy shop Britty Jane.

I am so excited about the amazing progress the shop has made in the last month. My pillows are being added to many Etsy users' favorites and added to curated Etsy collections. I've actually even sold a few!

I was also approached for a feature in the blog Design Feast.

While I love the attention my shop is getting, I just love so many things about doing this project.

1- I love that it allows me to be creative in a different way than I am creative in my day job.

2- I have found a way to preserve unused t-shirts.

3- I finally have found something to use my sewing machine on!

I hope to add more pillows soon. That being said, if you have any t-shirts you would like made into a pillow, please let me know! You can contact me at for any custom orders!